Mohoru and Galcescu Lake

This summer I managed to get to Gilcescu. We started at about 2100 m and we got on top of Mohoru 2337 m after one hour and a half. You can admire Mohoru in the photo below.


Here is a view from top of Mohoru …

and a view from the road we left behind …

It was a great feeling to be on top of Mohoru because it was the first time we managed to climb it as every time we tried it was raining with ice and we didn’t had the chance to get to 2337 m point. We rested there for 10 minutes.

On the road we met with a herdsman, his sheep ….

… and his dog

We walked for one hour and got to this wonderful place where looking down we could finally see Galcescu Lake.

To be continued …

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Craciun Fericit!

Craciun Fericit si un An Nou mai bun!

figurina craciun 2

figurina craciun 5

figurina craciun 1 figurina craciun 3 figurina craciun 4

figurina craciun 6 figurina craciun 7


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Canon G1 Textile Replication

If you don’t have what to do with your socks and of course your socks don’t stink you can give them to Natta Amir and she could turn them into any object you desire.

Well in fact I don’t know if Natta accepts requests but it’s true she has a real talent in working with textiles.
The camera below is a replica of a Canon G1 made out of socks (clean socks).

Canon G1 textile replication 02
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Into The Sea

I was born in a city near the Danube river, then at the age of 16 I moved in a bigger city at the shore of the Black Sea. Eight years ago I moved far away from the sea and I miss it.

This year I had the chance to go see the Mediterranean sea and I couldn’t leave away from the shore. I love the smell of the sea, the sand, the air, the waves, the noise.

into the sea red

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Mediterranean Shore In Spain

I took this photo in Spain on 4 January 2009. I was there with couple of my friends to celebrate the New Year.

Here we were on our way to Oropesa de Mar and I couldn’t resist getting out of the car to take some photos.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Mediterranean shore Spain

Click to see larger version of the photo.

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