Cercuri & Patratele

As times goes by

Something is wrong with me. I feel like I am deteriorating day by day. Today my nose bleed worse then it did in the last weeks. I feel like my heart is hold by a claw. I lost focus and I can’t remember things like I have used to.
The past months have been rough on me, but the last weeks have been worse.
I feel useless. And I felt like I have lost all this time doing the wrong thing with the wrong person.
Something is not ok. I feel like I am pushing too hard on myself not to fall.
There are days when I do not think about it and I feel better, and then, there are moments like this one when I can’t make another step ahead.
I feel I am a shadow of what I am supposed to be.
Is like my mind tries to bury the pain.. and the pain comes out through my body…
I know what I have to do, and still I can’t do it. I don’t see anything brighter ahead, so I stay and feel like day by day I die a little more.

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