Amazing Photos: Aurora Borealis

You all know what aurora borealis is. But not all of us have seen this amazing phenomenon.
I wish I would live the day to catch one of this moments. I read the opinions of all of those that captured these wonderful moments and I could not agree more. It’s amazing! It doesn’t matter you stay awake maybe an entire night watching the sky in a cold weather. What your eyes see it’s worth millions.

Here are just a few of the millions of photos that you can find on the web searching for aurora borealis:

photo by João Quaresma’s

– view form space –
photo by Ben Jacob


photos by Jóhannes Ásgeir

photo by Bia Nicastro


British Columbia, Canada

Aurora Borealis over northern WI, September 2005. Time lapse of 2 hours, one shot every 35 seconds, each shot a 30s exposure with a Canon 1Ds Mark II cmaera and 17-40mm f/4L lens, f/4, ISO 1600.

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