Thompson’s Revolver Camera


The Revolver Photographique (Thompson’s Revolver Camera) was manufacturer in Paris, France in 1862. The camera is very old and very rare. The camera was sold with € 63.640,- / US$ 76,370.- £ 43,275 establishing a new record price.

McKeown said back in 1996 about the camera:

“Designed by Thompson. Brass pistol-shaped camera with scope, wooden pistol grip, but no barrel. Takes four 23mm diameter exposures in rapid succession on a 7.5 cm circular wet plate. Ground glass focusing through the scope which is above the cylindrical plate chamber. Petzval f2/40mm lens, single speed rotary shutter behind the lens shutter. The lens is raised and sighted through to focus, then dropped into place in front of the plate, automatically releasing the shutter. The circular plate was then rotated ¼ turn and was ready for the next exposure.”

Introduction Date: ca. 1862
Patent Date: Jan. 20, 1862
Film Type: wet plate
Image Size: 23mm diameter
Functional Type: wet plate
Standard Lenses/Shutters: 40mm f/2 petzval type
Integrated Shutter: Yes

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